Hunna System USB Sanitiser

Providing file-based protection while in the field is an inherent challenge faced by many government, military and intelligence agencies. Field work makes it difficult for reactive detection-based solutions such as anti-virus engines to keep up-to-date with today’s sophisticated threats targeting defense organisations.

The Hunna USB Sanitiser is a air-gapped solution that is integrated with PD Update, to ensure software updates and security patches. Built to the highest standards of security in the field the Hunna USB Sanitiser delivers military-grade safety.



How software and updates are published varies widely and changes over time. Downloading and quality-assuring security updates is a challenge, especially for systems that are not connected to the Internet.

Security updates are an attack vector towards an otherwise air-gapped information system.

When all updates are downloaded through a controlled and repeatable process, you can be reasonably sure that the download has not been tampered with and that software updates comes directly from the publisher.

For this, software and checksums must be retrieved from several hard-to-predict locations and then compared.

As with all software downloaded from the Internet, additional tests, such as anti-virus, are needed to prevent the introduction of malicious code in cases where the original source has been compromised.


Key features

Performed controls include, among other things, checking of checksums and signatures from publishers and antiviruses.

The customer receives a documented process they can point to in the event of accreditation.

Reduced hardware and software exposure when downloading updates.

Significantly less worktime to collect and quality assure updates.

Threat actors cannot determine your system environment and vulnerabilities through observation.


Use case – Import of software updates and security patches

How it works

PD Update uses a process to downloads packets through a fetcher, to validate sources and to validate and scan downloaded packets.

A manifest-file with metadata from the validation and scanning processes is created for traceability and recreation of the validation and scanning processes.

All steps are monitored to detect errors or inconsistencies.

PD Update is delivered through The Hunna USB Sanitisation Update Server System or physically on an encrypted hard drive.


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